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Una apis nulla apis - Cenni di apicoltura Una apis nulla apis - Cenni di apicoltura
Castello Sasso Corbaro 6500 Bellinzona

How long does a bee live? Why are bees so important for our ecosystem? How can the way be used? What is the nectar? How do bees communicate with eachother?

How many bees live in a hive? How can we alp the bees? How many variety of honey are there? Do bees sleep?

These and many more are the questions that will accompany visitors through this exhibition, dedicated entirely to the bees and to t...

CATEGORIES Exhibitions and fairs
Castello Sasso Corbaro, Bellinzona, Castello Sasso Corbaro, 6500 Bellinzona
Mobile: +41 91 825 21 31
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