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Leventina Open Music Festival 2019




Sala Comunale Bodio
6743 Bodio
Tel: +41 91 869 15 33



The fifth edition of the festival, will unfold over four appointments, which, as a peculiarity of the event, will touch different shades of music, from that of European chamber jazz with the Marco Santilli Quartett CheRoba in the show "L'occhio della birulla", a concert to be held Sunday, May 5 at 17:00 at the municipal hall of Bodio.


The second appointment will touch on Swiss folk music and the themes of nature, in collaboration with the Pro Media Leventina, as part of the official inauguration of the renovation of the old road in the Piottino Gorge,


It will be an entire day dedicated to these places, with the protagonists of the Faidese Philharmonic, the SCAM Choir, the DesDes Choir, the group of Horns of the Alps "I sifoni", a male choir and a soloist from the nearby Canton Uri. The day of this event is scheduled for Sunday, May 26 from 09:30.


The third appointment, will be a day dedicated to "sing with us", at the headquarters of Lavorgo dei Cori SCAM, DesDes and Giovanile Leventinese. There are attractions, "open" singing lessons for students aged 4 to 99 years ... the day will be that of Monday, June 10 from 10:00 am.


The fourth and last appointment, will be dedicated this year to sacred music, with the performance of the "Dramatic Psalm" Le Roi David by the Swiss composer Arthur Honegger. A special event, which will see the Opera ViVa Coro Ensemble, conducted by Andrea Cupia, as protagonists.


The fourth and last appointment: "Serenade for an early summer night" Opera ViVa Ensemble - Director Andrea Cupia
Introduces the evening Alessandro Tini. The concert will be held Wednesday, June 19 at the Church of SS.Pietro and Paolo di Quinto at 20.30.