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Hop on the Malvaglia trolley bus and be catapulted into one of the sunniest places in Switzerland, the Malvaglia Valley! Enjoy the views of the valley floor and the nature that surrounds you while you sip a drink on the spectacular terrace of the Ristoro Sass Malt.

Now begin your descent to return to Malvaglia, where you can conveniently load your mountain bike onto the bus to get to the Centro Pro Natura! There, you can enjoy a dip in the hot water while you sip an aperitif and relax, soothed by the sound of the brook and the calm of nature.

After a good night's sleep you can take to the saddle of your mountain bike once again to discover the mountain passes known as Passo del Sole and Passo dell'Uomo - a true immersion in nature, mountains and breathtaking views!