Cold cuts from Ticino

Delicious cuisine

If you love to travel and discover great food and wine, Bellinzonese and Upper Ticino should be right up your street. Organise your stay to include gourmet eateries as well as the traditional rustic grotto restaurants.

Discover how the genius of famous chefs combines with traditional recipes, or grab a front row seat to see how some of the region’s finest cheeses are made. Lose yourself among the area’s wine cellars and vineyards. Taste fine wines and traditional products. And when you really get bitten by the bug of the local cuisine, why not treat yourself to the perfect souvenir and try a cookery class?

Discover a region ripe for the tasting: it’s an exquisitely flavoured journey.

Typical products

Enjoy a tasty trip through the flavours at the heart of the traditional produce from Upper Ticino. Indulge yourself in a food culture rich in taste and tradition.

Don’t miss the region’s cheese, available to taste both where its made, in one of the ‘demonstration dairies’, and in all of the local grottoes and restaurants. If a little aperitif of cheese has your taste buds twitching for more, then make sure you sample the area’s other specialities: polenta, cold meats and Merlot are the essence of the region’s cuisine.

Where to buy

Discover the shops in the area where you can buy our local products, take home the delights of the place not to forget your stay in the Bellinzonese and Upper Ticino region.



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