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Olivone - Luzzone

Departure in Olivone in front of the Blenio Turismo office at 889 m above sea level. Immidiatly after starting you've to turn to the right following the trail to Campo Blenio. You come accross the old road of Sosto, which is admitted in swiss transport links because of it's historical and geomorphological characteristics.
Once arrived in Campo Blenio you continue on the cantonal road and come to Gh...
Difference in level 720 m
Altitude 1,609 mslm.
Distance 8.9 km
Duration 1 h
Region Valle di Blenio
Departure Olivone, office of Blenio Turismo
Points of interest Olivone - Strada del Sosto - Campo Blenio - Ghirone - Diga del Luzzone
Track Mountain bike tour
Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino
Sede Valle di Blenio
Zona Lavorceno
CH-6718 Olivone
T +41 (0)91 872 14 87
F +41 (0)91 872 15 12
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