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Stunning Architecture

In Bellinzona, whose fortifications enjoy World Heritage status today, thanks to the genius of medieval military architects, modern and ancient buildings live side by side. Castelgrande is the starting point of a tour which illustrates a remarkable urban concept through the works of major architects of the 20th century in Ticino. Following the Murata you will see the imposing circular Business Cen...
Difference in level 84 m
Altitude 277 mslm.
Distance 15 km
Duration 3.75 h
Region Bellinzonese
Departure Bellinzona, Piazza Nosetto
Points of interest Piazza Nosetto - Castelgrande - Centro amministrativo - Palazzo Franscini - Bagno pubblico - Centro tennistico - Chiesa del Sacro Cuore - Stazione - Centro postale - Piazza del Sole - Pedevilla - Giubiasco - Piazza Nosetto
Track Hiking tour
Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino
Sede Bellinzonese
Palazzo Civico
CH-6500 Bellinzona
T +41 (0)91 825 21 31
F +41 (0)91 821 41 20
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