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Cultural itinerary: Bellinzona - the historical center

Bellinzona Turismo
Palazzo Civico, 6500 Bellinzona, +41 91 825 21 31

The real heart of the town is Piazza Nosetto, where the old Strada Francesca once forked off to the gateways of Porta Nuova in the direction of Locarno, Porta Codeborgo leading northwards and Porta Camminata leading southwards. Today the square with its arcades is a tranquil place but some of the noise and bustle of former times returns with the Saturday market and the Rabadan Carnival. It is also...

ARCHITECTURE Ancient civil architecture
Bellinzona Turismo
Palazzo Civico,
6500 Bellinzona
Tel.: +41 91 825 21 31
Fax: +41 91 821 41 20