Brüsacü Bike, Valle di Blenio

Paradise for the MTB!

Discover Alto Ticino, a Mountain bike paradise!

Numerous exciting routes and a mild climate make the region the ideal place for mountain bikers. Jump on the saddle, push yourself to the limit, enjoy the view and savour the breathtaking views!

Saddle up: adventure awaits!



It doesn’t matter whether you are in great shape or not, our QUINTOUR will allow everyone to reach the destination in comfort in the saddle of an e-bike – it’s good fun with little fatigue, and above all with a good… reward!

Discover the region, savour a tasty packed lunch carefully prepared by the Quintorno team (a showcase for the country’s products) with local specialities, and why not finish in fine style with a generous aperitif?

You can book every day directly at (please do so 48 hours in advance).

At the Bellinzona info point at Bellinzona train station.

Cotton backpack with a generous lunch with regional products organised by Quintorno from CHF 35.-.

Additional offer:

  • E-bike rental by BikePort, CHF 55.-
  • Aperitif at Quintorno, CHF 35.-
  • With the purchase of the full package two vouchers 10% discount from Quintorno and BikePort are included.

From 4 people, you can get a guided tour by telephoning on +41 (0)91 825 21 31.


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