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Safe journey in Ticino

Holidays in Ticino in total safety are possible for all our guests. We will keep you informed about the current situation. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your holidays without worries.

Due to the current health emergency several events have been cancelled. For more details you can consult our online diary.



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Welcome to the official website of the Bellinzonese and Upper Ticino region. By navigating this site, you can find information on how best to plan your next visit.

Bellinzonese and Upper Ticino is a region of authenticity and great diversity, where nature, culture, gastronomy, history and tradition all intertwine, adding their own specific elements to the mix. It is a destination that’s still just waiting to be explored and with huge potential for development.

First and foremost, discover the region:
find out what distinguishes the various areas, each with their own characteristics and events, then immerse yourself in the local culture and the flavours of the local gastronomy.

Explore the activities to be enjoyed in summer and winter: every season has its own delights and offers unforgettable experiences! Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino offers a wide variety of activities, from more relaxing outings to exciting adventures for those seeking the thrill of the great outdoors. Choose between various types of sport and excursions on foot or by mountain bike.

You can plan your holidays the easy way right now: choose how you get there, be it by train or by motorbike on a grand tour of Switzerland! Then choose where to stay: the region offers various options, from small hotels and holiday lets to alpine refuges, rustic dwellings and farm stays;
Once you’ve reached your destination, find out how to get around: would you prefer to travel by bus, cable car or train? Don’t forget the Ticino Ticket!

Find out everything you need to know to make your holiday an experience to remember!

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