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Flavours you can re-create at home

If Ticino’s cuisine is the stuff of cherished memories, why not get ready to pull your apron on and get into the kitchen once you’re back home, and try to recreate what you loved the most!

If Valle Leventina seduced you with its delicacies, perhaps the ‘crèfli’ or the ‘spampezie’, then why not start making some biscuits? Let’s start! Biasca’s traditional ‘pizzòcan’ is a wonderful place to start too! Or maybe while in Bellinzona you tasted the ‘bissoli’? With a little effort, you too will be able to deftly juggle the chestnuts and chocolate. Or what about Valle di Blenio’s ‘Sosto’ sweet?

It might not be exactly the same as actually being in High Ticino, but evoking those beautiful flavours takes you a long way there!